Professional Liability of Business Consultants

Author: LegalEase Consultants  Introduction Corporations and other business entities (the “Client”) engage the services of management consultant firms (the “Consultant”) for many reasons, including assistance with day-to-day business transactions and advice on large transactions.  As part of this relationship, the Client and the Consultant usually enter in to an agreement whereby the rights and duties … Continue reading “Professional Liability of Business Consultants”

Legal Rights of Minority Shareholders in S Corp – California

Author: LegalEase Solutions  Introduction Client, a 45% shareholder in an “S” corporation, was recently fired by the company. The remaining 55% is owned by a married couple. The bylaws of the corporation define a “quorum” as 56% of the outstanding shares. Questions Presented What are the legal rights, if any, of a minority shareholder, and … Continue reading “Legal Rights of Minority Shareholders in S Corp – California”